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Your First Free Flight

So you read an article (maybe that great Rolling Stone article from this summer?) about people who fly around in jets all day on frequent flyer miles without a care in the world. It sounded interesting, right? But if you’re like most people I know, it sounded too complicated to even consider trying.

Well, I’m not here to promise you that I’ve got the keys to flying some place new¬†every day but I promise I can help you do something a little more practical: with 4 months of minor changes to your spending habits, you can get a free flight. In fact, you can get 4.

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How Credit Works

I’ve already mentioned how critical credit cards are to earning miles. Both from sign-up bonuses and spend bonuses. When I explain my hobby to my friends, everyone always jokes that I must be destroying my credit.

If you’re about to apply for a mortgage then maybe you should hold off on this until after you get your loan but otherwise, it’s pretty harmless. Let’s look at what goes into a score so you can see why:

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Miles 101

There are a lot of blogs about how to maximize frequent flyer miles and most of them are pretty great. In fact, almost all of them are written by people who know more about this hobby than I do. You should read them! Some I would recommend are One Mile at a Time and View from the Wing. Those are good starting points and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding more.

Those blogs are all aimed at other people who have a lot of experience, though. As someone who has only been into this for a few months, I realized how hard it was to piece together all the info you need to get started. Because I’m only a few months into this, I hopefully know enough to help others get started while also knowing what sort of things need explaining!